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Assignment #3

CRN 22254

October 29, 2009  Home              CPU             LINUX               MULTIMEDIA    BIBLIOGRAPHY

     Today, Hitachi's hard drives offers a full line of 2.5-inch ATA hard drives for notebook computers with capacities ranging from 2.16 GB to 18 GB. The newest 2.5-inch products use state-of-the-art component technologies, including GMR heads and digital MEEPRML read channels to achieve higher data density and faster data throughput. Some of their major appliances are home appliances such as a planer dust hood, rice cooker but also mobile phones.

    HP today is making technology accessible through simple appliances, useful e-services and an Internet infrastructure that's always on. Such as hp printers, computers, PCs, scanners, servers, workstations, storage devices, drivers, and downloads. Some of their many major appliances are handheld and calculators but also home servers.
    Samsung offers a complete line of HDD products and out high quality HDD offer high performance audio output, and unsurpassed storage capacity.Today Samsung holds a wide variety of major appliances from business and mobile telephones, enterprise, and home.
    From Hitachi I really must say that i love their rice cooker, we have one here at my house and it's great. We've never had a problem with it and I find it funny that Hitachi is a Asian company and the rice cooker is great when my mom makes sticky rice, which is known to be an Asian dish. I do know that a lot of their home appliances are really great, my grandma has the fridge.
I have the up most satisfaction with HP and their computers, my mom has owned one for years now and it worked great as long as it's maintained like everything else. Due to her satisfaction, it drove me to buy my first laptop from HP for college and till this day I'm satisfied. I like to keep all my products within the same system and HP does just that, my printer is HP as well and they function great together.
Samsung hands down the best product they have is their Instinct phone with Sprint, my mother also has that phone and man it beats the Blackberry with flying colors. Not a single confusing function comes from that phone and the touch screen quality and moblie applications work great, unlike the iphone. From the day my mother purchase it, to now she has never sent it in, it's a great manufactures that pleases their consumers needs.