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Celina Villalobos

CRN #22254

Assignment #7

20 November 2009 Home              CPU             LINUX          STORAGE    BIBLIOGRAPHY

††††††††††† This website has every bit of content pertaining to movies and the locations of where you can watch them at. It has various tabs to help the viewers to find what exactly they need as far as times of movie, gifts, previews and DVDs that are available to purchase. The intended audience for those viewing this website are all ages of course that have access to internet, all that is shown on this website will be shown on TV and the movie theaters themselves. The most effective multimedia objects on fandango are video clips of the movies with the audio of course. All of the videos do a great service to this website because instead of waiting to the commercial on the TV, you can just log onto the internet and see them for yourself right before a movie to familiarize yourself.

††††††††††† This next website has all the content needed to find out the latest productions done by Disney but also to preview them. The intended audience is children under the ages of 12 years old. The actual whole purpose of this site is the video clips with audio and slide shows without audio. I would say that the website has not really effective because all that you see is run on the actual Disney channel for every commercial; the only time it would be necessary to go onto this site is to maybe watch the clips over and over again because itís a personal reason.

††††††††††† The website has all the content needed to find out what you can do in Las Vegas, everywhere from bars, lounges, clubs and game rooms. The intended audience is definitely for those of older age basically 21 and over. The entire site is full of multimedia starting with the music and sound affect as you enter the site but also all the tabs you click on our transitioning itís not a new page that pop ups. There are also photo tours which are a video clip with a tour around the places in the MGM GRAND. The website is very effective because the web designer did a great job capturing the feel that staying at this hotel can bring but also itís always necessary to enter this site to know the difference between services because of all the various hotels.