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Celina Villalobos

Professor Zamora

CRN 22254

29 November 2009        CPU             LINUX         STORAGE      MULTIMEDIA    BIBLIOGRAPHY

Meaningful topics I learned in CISB 11

For starters this course has made me more aware and I mean that in reference to computers especially since this year is the first year I have bought my own computer. I learned the basics of how a computer functions, I went to a presentation that taught me about the ways to protect my computer, I learned how to create a webpage and lastly I learned about storage space in numerous devices. For me I was never quite aware of the different components to a computer. I always knew of the brain being the powerhouse to all that is seen on the monitor but what is actually inside it, is what I have now become aware of. For example the CPU which process all that is being told to the computer along with the RAM which is where all the processing is stored. Al together I came to the conclusion that the computer works like a person, itís told then it stores and performs. Then when I learned about the precautions one must have on their computer I realized how unprepared I am. I learned everything from prevention of viruses and the kinds of viruses also the precautions with the variety of websites and what can happen if you were to visit an unsafe site. And the one thing I never thought would be a problem was my email and that I also learned can do great harm if I open the wrong one, I can only imagine how many people assume that their protected and arenít but also there are so many quick little keys or tools that can be used to prevent all this, yet no one knows. The most interesting one of all was making a webpage, never did I know how to make one but now I do and will hopefully become more educated on them because everything I use online is a webpage. Iím still in the process of learning about them, so will have to see what else I learn. Lastly I obtained so many ways to use different storage devices to help my computer use less storage and now I can prevent my computer from being slow by storing my stuff in other devices. All these have a meaningful purpose to me because I learned something new. I can always take with me to better myself but also work especially since computers are everywhere now but also they are needed, everything we do is on computers. Due to all those reasoningís it will definitely impact my life and future career negatively if I do not know about all these components. So because of my future I definitely need to have knowledge of this because my career goal is business and communications for my B.A Degree but for grad school it will be law. All those three require a sense of understanding in law and because of that I know that these computer skills will only benefit me.